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Catahoula Owners, Breeders & Research Association Catahoula Owners, Breeders & Research Association


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Welcome to COBRA

The Catahoula Owners, Breeders & Research Association

The Catahoula Owners, Breeders & Research Association, affectionately known as COBRA, is registered as a Single Breed Club operating under the umbrella of the United Kennel Club.

COBRA is a Non-Profit organization whose goals are to:

  1. Further the advancement and genetic research of the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog;
  2. Educate breeders, owners, and the public with information gained from funded clinical research;
  3. Do all in its powers to protect and advance the interest of the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog;
  4. Conduct licensed dog events and trials under the rules of the United Kennel Club;
  5. Encourage sportsmanlike competition at all dog events.

In addition to these goals, our members are intent on keeping the traits and working abilities of the Catahoula intact as we advance the breed into the future. We do not want the Catahoula to undergo the aesthetic changes that have plagued so many working breeds, only to eliminate their ability to perform the function for which they were originally intended.

Due to the varying amounts of speculation and theory that has been placed before the public, we, the members of COBRA, felt it was time for an organization to become involved with finding the truth of what makes up the Catahoula.

We have designed our website to keep Catahoula breeders, owners, members, and the public informed on the progress of projects in which we are involved, both directly and indirectly. There are three (3) projects currently running. We have secured a spot at Louisiana State University, School of Veterinary Medicine, Comparative Biomedical Sciences, to be included in the BAER Hearing/Deafness Studies conducted by Dr. George Strain, PhD.

Join the fastest growing Catahoula Club today. We look forward to hearing from you.


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