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Catahoula Owners, Breeders & Research Association Catahoula Owners, Breeders & Research Association
Wednesday, December 04th 2013

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The Catahoula Owners, Breeders & Research Association

Our History

In October 2003, Don Abney, Nicole Ott, and Greg Labranche got together and discussed the idea of having a Breed Club to represent the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog in its place of origin. The idea was to work with other breeders, clubs, and owners in conjunction with the United Kennel Club in the preservation of the Louisiana Catahoula and to have a voice in the practical Conformation Standard set by UKC.

A small group of people who have a love for the Catahoula, the Louisiana State Dog, founded COBRA in 2004. In the same year the United Kennel Club, one of the countries largest purebred dog registries, recognized the club as a single breed club and granted COBRA rights to host UKC sanctioned multibreed shows as well as specialties.

COBRA operates as a non-profit organization and raises funds through membership dues, raffles, donations, and show entry fees. We are a growing organization with high standards and a look to the future for the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. Although a young club, we have accomplished much in the way of setting research into motion for the Catahoula.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Catahoula Owners Breeders and Research Association is to preserve the genetic and phenotypic integrity of the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog through responsible ownership, breeding, and support of advancements in the field of canine genetics and inheritance.

Code of Ethics

This code is established in accordance with the objectives of the United Kennel Club, and is presented as a guideline for the use of COBRA members when buying, breeding, selling, and exhibiting. Violations of COBRA's Code of Ethics will be subject to prompt action under the Club's Bylaws Article VIII.

  1. Abide by the Constitution and By Laws of COBRA, and the rules of the United Kennel Club.
  2. Keep accurate records, including all breeding, stud service contracts, litters produced, pedigrees, and all dogs/puppies purchased and sold.
  3. Breed only with the paramount intent of improving the breed.
  4. All dogs should be both physically and mentally mature, in good health, and free of communicable disease and disqualifying genetic defects prior to any breeding.
  5. Brucellosis Test should be performed prior to any breeding.
  6. Encourage health tests, such as: OFA, BAER, and CERF where applicable.
  7. Maintain the best possible standards of canine health, cleanliness, and care.
  8. It is recommended that a bitch between the ages of two (2) and five (5) may be bred more often than once a year, provided she is fully recovered and in good health. Any bitch that is bred twice (back to back heats) in one year shall not be bred for a period of one year after the last breeding.
  9. Prices should reflect the individual dog, bitch or puppy being sold. New owners of pet quality puppies shall be encouraged to spay or neuter them.
  10. All advertising shall be honest and factual without being misleading. At the time of sale:
    1. Furnish to each buyer a health record reflecting all shots, wormings, and health issues.
    2. Present pedigree, registration and/or transfer documents unless written agreement is made to withhold such documents prior to sale.
  11. No Dog, Bitch or Puppy shall be bred, used and/or sold for commercial purposes, whether directly or indirectly, involving any broker, puppy mill, pet store, product laboratory, litter lot sales or any commercial enterprise involved in any like activities.
  12. Members shall conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect credit on the sport of purebred dog showing. Members agree to never:
    1. willfully slander or discredit another member.
    2. degrade a dog, exhibitor or Judge at ringside of a show or match.
    3. express negative or degrading comments about another's dog, breeder of their dog, family or their possessions
    4. display unsportsmanlike conduct at any show or event.


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