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Catahoula Owners, Breeders & Research Association Catahoula Owners, Breeders & Research Association
Wednesday, December 04th 2013

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COBRA   Announcements

July 1, 2006

  • COBRA has opened its membership to all UKC Breed Owners. Anyone wishing to join COBRA and owns a UKC Registered Breed may do so by clicking on "Join COBRA" in the navigation bar on the left, fill out the membership application, and send it in for review.
    All benefits of membership will be available to all members. Proceeds collected will continue to be used for the benefit of the COBRA Organization, and the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog.
    If you attend our shows, this would benefit you in the money saved on discounted pre-entry fees.

January 10, 2008

  • COBRA is named the provisional National Breed Association representing the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog for the United Kennel Club. The following is an excerpt from the formal letter:
    As you know, however, the reward for a job well done is more work. COBRA is ready to assume additional responsibilities. Here are some suggested goals that should keep you busy for the next couple of years while you work toward becoming the National Breed Association.
    1. Expand the club's membership throughout the country.
    2. Work toward publishing the newsletter bi-monthly.
    3. Develop strong regional LCLD clubs.
    4. Develop a Judges' Education program, preferably something that can be accessed on the internet or published on compact disks.
    5. Hold at least one national specialty show each year. This show should take place at approximately the same time each year. At some point, this show should be rotated throughout the country. The annual membership meeting must be held in conjunction with this show.
    6. Qualify for a license to hold a performance or companion event. It is recommended that the annual specialty show be held in conjunction with a performance or companion event.
    7. The clubs licensed events are well organized, run and reports are error free.
    8. Encourage new members to take leadership roles in the club by serving as board members and officers. Seamless transitions of board positions should be demonstrated. As well as a successful turn over of club officers.
    9. Continue to promote registration of individual dogs and litters with UKC.
    10. Promote the value of the UKC Merit club.
    This should keep you busy for a while. As you know, there is no set time period for a club to serve as a provisional national association. Unfortunately, many clubs get this far and then run out of gas. Becoming a truly national organization takes time and huge amounts of work by lots of people.
    I have enjoyed working with you and your club and hope this relationship will continue in the same positive manner. Lt me know how I may assist you or with any other concerns you may have.
    Congratulations and welcome as a UKC provisional National Breed Association.
    Michelle O. Morgan - Director, Dog Events / UKC, INC.


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