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Wednesday, December 04th 2013

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Show Information

UKC Shows  are listed chronologically, followed by their location. Look for LCLD in the individual listings, or HERD in the Group listings to be sure they are offered for that show. If LCLD's are not offered and you wish to attend, you should contact the Events Chairperson and request that they be added to the list. The Events Chairperson will be listed at the bottom of each show schedule. It is best to make your request 30 days in advance of the show.

Click here for the UKC Schedule

SHOW FEES are listed both on the show schedule of this website and on the UKC Schedule for each show. Here is an explanation of what the fees are.

PE = Pre-Entry. This is the fee that is charged to those participants that register their dogs prior to the cut-off date for entries. Pre-Entries allow a club the time to set up the UKC paperwork involved with presenting a show. Since it makes the job easier, a lesser fee is generally charged for Pre-Entries.

DOS = Day Of Show. This is the fee charged after the cut-off date, or at the entry table on the Day of the Show. This fee is generally higher as it requires time to add listings to the show schedule and prepare the books prior to the show.

The UKC Books must be established prior to the start of the show so that the Judges have them available to determine which dogs are in the ring and class, in the proper order, and available for signing at the end of each breed class. The books are then tallied for placements and forwarded to UKC within 10 days of the close of the show.

SHOW SUGGESTION has been added here. Please make your suggestions for improving the Club, Shows, or Judges that you would like to see. Click on the envelope and fill in the email request.



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